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KCOP Newsletter
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Kiwanis Club of Portland 
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Portland is a premier city in part because of its caring citizens and civic-minded companies. Kiwanis Club of Portland (KCOP) strives to be Portland's premier service club with a focus on the city's children. Since 1918, KCOP has served the city and its youth.  

From time to time we get involved in global projects also. Click on the logo to learn more about our project to eliminate Maternal/ Neonatal Tetanus from the face of the earth. 

One can make a difference!

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3/4/2015 Meeting

Mike Karstad, Past Lt. Governor, will talk on the Kiwanis Youth Protection Program. With the Kiwanis participation in youth related activities it is good for all members to be familiar with the International...

3/11/2015 Meeting

Your membership committee is working to bring in more enthusiastic, thoughtful, generous and kind members to join our ranks. Find out what your committee is doing to make this happen and how you can support...

3/18/2015 Meeting

Mike Cloughesy, who shared with us last Fall about the Timber Industry in Oregon, is coming back to share the Oregon Forestry Industry;s latest information on Forest Fires. Be sure to join us!

3/21/2015 Event

March 21, 2015                                 ...

3/25/2015 Meeting

Norb Murray, retired Marine 1 Helicopter pilot, will be joining us again, this time sharing his experience in the Phillipines that moved him to be involved in International Service. This is going...

4/1/2015 Meeting

The Spiritual Committee will provide the program on Easter and Passover. Speakers will be announced later. This is a traditional featured meeting every year. Although we mourn the loss of Merritt Yoelin...

4/8/2015 Meeting
4/15/2015 Meeting

Dr. Evan Shereck, Director, Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Fellowship at Doernbecher Hospital, will share with us about the Oncology Fellowship program at Doernbecher Hospital. Hopefully, one of the...

4/22/2015 Meeting
4/29/2015 Meeting
5/23/2015 Event

May 23, 2015                                     ...

6/20/2015 Event

June 20, 2015                                   ...

7/18/2015 Event

July 18, 2015                                     ...

8/22/2015 Event

August 22, 2015                                Gateway...