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Kiwanis Club of Portland 
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Portland is a premier city in part because of its caring citizens and civic-minded companies. Kiwanis Club of Portland (KCOP) strives to be Portland's premier service club with a focus on the city's children. Since 1918, KCOP has served the city and its youth.  

From time to time we get involved in global projects also. Click on the logo to learn more about our project to eliminate Maternal/ Neonatal Tetanus from the face of the earth. 

One can make a difference!

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12/2/2015 Meeting

Scott Burns will give his latest, updated talk on chances we have for earthquakes here and how to get prepared.  This is very important for all Oregonians to understand these things.  Lots of...

12/9/2015 Meeting

Karen Huck will share her story of how she found her biological family once she decided she wanted to find them. Finding her family started a whole new journey of discovery and recognition of how she was...

12/16/2015 Meeting
12/30/2015 Meeting
1/6/2016 Meeting
1/13/2016 Meeting

Brooke Berglund, Community Affairs Tour and Outreach Manager, will bring a presentation to our group. Details to follow.

1/20/2016 Meeting
1/20/2016 Meeting
1/27/2016 Meeting
1/27/2016 Meeting
2/3/2016 Meeting
2/3/2016 Meeting
2/10/2016 Meeting
2/10/2016 Meeting
2/17/2016 Meeting