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Portland is a premier city in part because of its caring citizens and civic-minded companies. Kiwanis Club of Portland (KCOP) strives to be Portland's premier service club with a focus on the city's children. Since 1918, KCOP has served the city and its youth.  

From time to time we get involved in global projects also. Click on the logo to learn more about our project to eliminate Maternal/ Neonatal Tetanus from the face of the earth. 

One can make a difference!

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5/23/2015 Event

May 23, 2015                                     ...

5/27/2015 Meeting

Dr. Dean Clark D.C. will speak about Life Changing Pain Management and Non-Narcotic Pain Alternatives. He is the creator of Bolt Tape which many Olympic, professional athletes use. He was the Olympic Team...

6/3/2015 Meeting

Here is your opportunity to enjoy the Rose Festival princess court up front and personal. This traditional breakfast in the Mayfair Room is a special morning you don't want to miss!! Reservations are...

6/10/2015 Meeting

A selected few builders in the Portland area build homes for Veterans that have been selected by a National Committee to receive a home ( either by loss of limb or brain injury). Come and hear Jeff Fish's...

6/17/2015 Meeting

Tom Cox, a management and leadership expert, author and a very popular speaker on leadership issues will provide a dazzling and dynamic view of the hidden gems that young leaders yearn for, and that...

6/20/2015 Event

June 20, 2015                                   ...

6/24/2015 Meeting

Sarah Lazzari, PSU faculty, and Amanda Lee will give a presentation regarding the programs available to inmates or the Oregon Corrections system. The theme is that building family relationships and ties...

7/1/2015 Meeting

Your special events team will have a Fourth of July theme program for your enjoyment. More details available as plans are finalized.

7/8/2015 Meeting


“When seconds count, help is just minutes away,” isn’t just a cool catchphrase used by TJM Training Concepts.  It is an opportunity for people to look into their lives and...

7/15/2015 Meeting

Hear our own member, Marilyn Schultz, talk about her trip to China representing the Royal Rosarians in her role as Prime Minister. With pictures and a great narrative you'll enjoy hearing about Marilyn's...

7/18/2015 Event

July 18, 2015                                     ...

7/22/2015 Meeting
7/29/2015 Meeting
8/22/2015 Event

August 22, 2015                                Gateway...