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Kiwanis Club of Portland 
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Portland is a premier city in part because of its caring citizens and civic-minded companies. Kiwanis Club of Portland (KCOP) strives to be Portland's premier service club with a focus on the city's children. Since 1918, KCOP has served the city and its youth.  

From time to time we get involved in global projects also. Click on the logo to learn more about our project to eliminate Maternal/ Neonatal Tetanus from the face of the earth. 

One can make a difference!

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9/9/2015 Meeting

Reyna Lopez, in her new capacity as the Outreach Director at Our Oregon, will share the mission of their organization where they advocate for economic fairness, and funding for services Oregon...

9/16/2015 Meeting

Rebecca Hufford, hynotist and therapist, will talk about adjustments people need to make as the aging process presents changes to their bodies and their physical circumstances. Living with the changes...

9/23/2015 Meeting

As we transition into a new year of leadership, come celebrate the past Presidents in a program put together by Dave Ripley. Look forward to seeing you there!

9/30/2015 Meeting

Dr. Jim Males, of the OSU Speakers Bureau, will share with us the Animal Industries of Oregon. I'm sure we're going to learn there is more going on in Oregon than we could ever dream. Come hear...

10/7/2015 Meeting